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Collaborating with Rebecca has been a life line providing tools, feedback, & insight about our child that has been invaluable. She has seen us at our most vulnerable, coached us through finding hope, and celebrated each success along the way. Rebecca provides a safe space not just for our son but for our whole family as we walk this journey together. I am confident when I say we would not have the life today without her support, coaching, and expertise in our life. We are forever grateful and hope many families have the chance to experience her life changing work.
— Trisha and Danny, parents of Liam

Rebecca is a true gem! She has helped our family navigate a journey we never expected to be on. Rebecca’s knowledge, passion, and commitment to building an inclusive, supportive, and hopeful community are amazing. She understands the importance of supporting the whole child and has been a true partner with our family and collaborator with our team of teachers and therapists. The tools, techniques, and strategies that Rebecca utilizes and shares are invaluable. Rebecca is a true servant leader. We are forever thankful and grateful to have found her!
Rebecca has given us a new set of tools to help our son. There is so much information out there, and trying to understand it all and apply it is very overwhelming. With Rebecca’s coaching and guidance, we feel more confident in how we engage with our son. We can now have happier and less chaotic time together, and we feel very hopeful for our future!

Rebecca is kind, patient, and conscientious. She always had our son’s best interest at heart and essentially taught us how to advocate for him, a priceless skill which has continued to help us on our journey. She is amazing, wonderful, and fantastic all rolled into one, and her dedication to her clients is unparalleled. We are so grateful for what she did for our family.

Rebecca is one of the most creative and innovative forces in teaching that I’ve ever seen. Working with her has changed our family and opened our eyes to what our son can achieve. She has a gift and we’ve had the privilege to experience how she has developed our son’s cognitive, communicative, social and emotional skills through play. Due to her, we have a whole new level of possibilities!
Rebecca has been an invaluable resource for my daughter and our family. Rebecca is a creative and resourceful educator: she draws from her diverse professional experiences to offer a variety of learning strategies. She is unfailingly patient and knows how to navigate through challenges with optimism, consistency, and genuine care for the child’s development. She also is deeply committed to collaboration, both with parents as well as with other teachers and professionals. My daughter has grown tremendously under her guidance, and we are grateful for the opportunity to learn, play, and grow with Rebecca!

Rebecca has been the finishing touch to my daughter’s care team. She takes everything we have done within that week and gives it life so our family can adapt and make the most of her therapy. It’s invaluable and probably the highlight of our week!
Rebecca is amazing at what she does! As soon as you meet her, you can tell how dedicated and invested she is in the children and families she serves. I have had the pleasure of collaborating with Rebecca many times and I know first hand how much families love and value her expertise. Rebecca truly fills a niche in her role and I am so happy to recommend her services!
— Brooke Andrews, M.A. CCC-SLP, Speech-Language Pathologist at The Speech Dynamic

Rebecca and I have collaborated with parents and teachers to understand a child’s learning profile, social emotional skills, and motor and sensory needs to set the child up for success at  home, at school and in the community. By utilizing a team approach, we are able to bring our skill sets together to best support the child’s entire family dynamic. Rebecca recognizes the power of building a trusting and lasting relationship with each child, no matter the diagnosis or presenting problem. Rebecca fully understands the importance of a PLAY based approach, which is a child’s main occupation and how we facilitate learning in a fun way!
— Diana Dang, MOT, OTR/L, Occupational Therapist at Foundations Pediatric Therapy

Rebecca puts her heart and soul into guiding each child and family with compassion, respect, and trust. She empowers her families to understand how their children learn and grow and connects them with the best schools and therapists. Rebecca has an amazing ability to read children’s thoughts and behaviors while guiding them to reach their goals - all through play, and she  educates parents so that they can continue to stimulate and support their children and have richer family time. Rebecca is a true collaborator and the gold standard to which other professionals should aspire.
— Saundra Wilkenfeld Israel, M.S. CCC-SLP, Speech-Language Pathologist at Wilkenfeld Speech Language Learning Center